Lace has a special appeal, a certain charm that just compels us to become “that” kind of knitter. A lace knitter. It’s easy to be intimidated. From leaf and flowers, to nupps and motifs, to giant charts and all-over patterns, there’s a distinct sense of complexity that makes us hesitate. We imagine lace as a hard thing.

In reality, the only skill necessary to become a lace knitter is concentration. That, and perhaps a willingness to give the old lace chart a solid try. Everything else is already in your repertoire! Knits, purls, increases, and decreases.

In this course, Tabetha Hedrick brings you right to the basics of lace so that it’s not overwhelming. In fact lace is really approachable and when we’re done, you’re going to have a whole new world of light, beautiful fabrics to explore.

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