Double Weave on 4-Shafts

Learn how to weave with double weave on a 4-shaft loom and weave your own double-width blanket or double weave sampler.

Fundamentals of Weaving Series

Watch the recordings from the Live Lecture series with Master Weaver Laura Fry! The first Wednesday of every second month at 12:00 p.m. P.T. Laura …

Magic in the Water

Welcome to Magic in the Water: Wet finishing for Weaving. We're going to look at what happens when you take your project from the loom and wet fini…

The Intentional Weaver

In this course, master weaver Laura Fry shares her techniques for weaving efficiently and ergonomically. Join us to learn her practices for every s…

Weaving Twills on 4-Shafts

Explore the many ways you can weave twill fabrics using just four shafts, taught by Felicia Lo Wong! The first project in this workshop will be wea…

Weaving Krokbragd

Taught by Debby Greenlaw, author of Krokbragd: How to Design and Weave and Krokbragd Patterns, learn about the beautiful Norwegian weaving technique …

Handwoven Colour

The focus of this ongoing series will be on working with colour and incorporating handpainted and hand-dyed yarns into our handwoven projects.

Multi-Shaft Weaving Basics

Learn to weave! In this multi-shaft weaving course, we will learn how to dress a table loom and floor loom and weave a sampler project.

Essential Weaving

This course is designed to be an overview of the essential concepts to weave on your rigid heddle loom, multi-shaft loom, or whatever loom you choose.