Handwoven Colour Gamp shawl by Felicia Lo Wong

Colour Gamp Shawl

This handwoven shawl pattern is featured in the “Handwoven Colour” course.

Weave a 15-hue colour gamp using sock yarn in plain weave. Enjoy the interactions of colour between these fifteen hues of a spectrum and weave your own colour gamp shawl. Work with gradient mini-skein sets or limit your colour selections to just analogous colours. The options are infinite!

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  • Finished, Blocked Dimensions: 21 3/4 inches (55 cm) wide x 63 3/4 inches (162 cm) long, not including fringe.


  • Equipment: 4-shaft loom with a minimum 26-inch (66 cm) weaving width, 10-dent reed (sample woven on a Schacht Baby Wolf loom)
  • Tools: 1 shuttle, warping board, reed hook, heddle hook, tapestry needle, measuring tape
  • Weave Structure: plain weave
  • Warp Length: approximately 2.67 yards (245 cm) includes about 20 inches of loom waste
  • Warp Ends: 252
  • Ends Per Inch (EPI): 10 EPI
  • Picks Per Inch (PPI): 10 PPI
  • Width in Reed: 25.2 inches (64 cm)
  • To weave the scarf version, you’ll need half the total yardage and at least a rigid heddle loom with a 10-dent reed and a 12-inch weaving width.