Breakfast Eggs Towels Pattern

82203 Amanda Wood Breakfast eggs towels gist colour and weave

The pattern is  featured in the  “Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle Loom” course with Amanda Wood.

 The first warp uses an easy all over houndstooth colour sequence leaving areas of solid yellow and white just like you would have in a fried egg and the second shows you how to use just a bit of striping to create a colour and weave highlight in the corner of your towels with a more muted scrambled egg palette where buttery and deep yellow combine. Mix and match and make them your own.

Breakfast Eggs Towels by Amanda Wood

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Measurements

  • Relaxed, off the loom, before wet-finishing: 15.5″ / 39.5 cm wide x 24″ / 61 cm long after hemming ( 27″ / 68.6 cm long before hemming)
  • Wet-finished dimensions: Three towels, 12.5″ / 32 cm wide x 18.5″ / 47 cm long, each.


  • Warp & Weft: Gist Yarn Beam 3/2 in contrasting colours (630 yd / 576 m per 8 oz / 227 g cone; 100% organic unmercerized cotton). 
  • Fried Egg towels: 2 cones Natural (yarn A) and 1 cone Dandelion (yarn B)
  • Scrambled egg towels: 2 cones Lemon (yarn A) and 1 cone Dandelion (yarn B).

If you choose to do both warps as written, one cone of Dandelion will be just enough for six towels over two warps, get two cones for insurance.

Optional: thinner yarn for weaving lighter cloth on the hems. I used a small amount of Brassard 2/8 cotton in natural and lemon. You could also use sewing thread or fusible thread in a light colour.). 

Equipment & Tools

  •  rigid heddle loom with a minimum 16″ / 40 cm weaving width,
  • 12.5-dent reed (or 10 EPI for a lighter cloth), 2 boat shuttles or stick
  • shuttles, 2 bobbins and bobbin winder (if you are using a boat shuttle),
  • reed hook, medium weight paper the width of the loom, waste yarn for warp separating, scissors, measuring tape, straight pins, sewing needle or sewing machine.

Note: If weaving in floor loom, add extra loom waste allowance.


  •  Weave Structure: plain-weave with colour and weave
  • Warp Length: 126″ / 320 cm for three towels includes 24″ / 61 cm of takeup/ loom waste, 2″ / 5 cm hem on either end of each towel (Based on Beam with 20% shrinkage. Other yarns will need to be tested to determine shrinkage)
  • Warp Ends: 194 (full width, adjust for your loom as necessary)
  • Ends Per Inch (EPI): 12.5 EPI 
  • Picks Per Inch (PPI): 12.5 PPI
  • Width in Reed: 15.5″ / 39.4 cm

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