Colour Mastery

Colour Mastery
1 hr 44 min | 16 lessons
  • Pick up where we left off in Colour Play and expand on some of those colour theory fundamentals by talking more about neutrals and chromatic neutrals, how they can be dyed and how you can combine them into multicoloured palettes for your projects.
  • Look at how colour can affect you physiologically and psychologically. We talk about what different colours mean to us as a society and how that might be different for other cultures. We have a quick look at methods specifying colours including the Pantone system and also look at the concept of colour forecasting.
  • Look at some theories about how you can choose colours which would work well with your own personal colouring.
  • Talk about different ways to find inspiration for colour palettes and colour stories and how that can be realized in hand-dyeing.

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