Handwoven Colour Gamp Shawl

Colour Gamp Shawl

Handwoven Shawl Pattern. Weave a 15-hue colour gamp using sock yarn in plain weave. Enjoy the interactions of colour between these fifteen hues of a spectrum and weave your own colour gamp shawl. Work with gradient mini-skein sets or limit your colour selections to just analogous colours. The options are infinite!

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Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

Joining the Community for the Carolina Waves MKAL

https://vimeo.com/356512360 We wanted to welcome you guys officially welcome you guys to the Carolina Waves mystery knit along. We just started this week and people had been getting their "Clue Ones" and casting on and all of this kind of stuff and I wanted to connect with you guys to get you guys i We […]

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School of SweetGeorgia

SweetGeorgia is building an online school for colour and craft. We are making video-based fibre arts workshops and courses and we have only just begun.