Rainbow colours on woven fabric by Marjoram Lynn
Robyn Gibbons

Featured Student: Marjoram Lynn

What if it felt like time to fill your own cup back up, and enjoy a little (or a lot) of self-care? After talking with Marjoram Lynn, you’ll understand how self-care is really a tool for their (and could be for your own) mental health.

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Spinning wheel, fibers, and kitty cat
Debbie Held

Do You Really Need A Master Spinner Certification?

Sometimes, we build up goals and long-term objectives in our minds or even on paper, but we fail to review and reconsider the items on these lists as the years go by. For me, attaining an official “master spinner” status was one such intention, and one I’d put off.

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little basic Cardi update Greta Cornejo BFL Silk pineapple
Greta Cornejo

Greta’s Little Basic Cardi Update

After listening to Holli talk about the nitty-gritty nuances of knitting, I decided to use the Little Basic Cardi Fingering Weight knitting pattern as a jumping board to try new things. 

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Green cloth of a woven scarf. Is it Good Cloth?
Amanda Buckley

What Is Good Cloth?

When you come and sit down at your loom, what are you focused on? Are you obsessing over a perfectly balanced cloth? Perhaps you are

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Maurice Brassard Cotton Yarn
Laura Fry

Those Pesky Numbers

New weavers sometimes have a bit of a challenge coming to grips with the numbering systems used to identify their yarns, and Laura explains all the info needed to break down those pesky number counts.

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Janna Maria Vallee

Weaving Circles in Tapestry

The fifth article in the Building Confidence in Tapestry series shares helpful tips on how to approach and weave circles in your tapestry projects.

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Ashford E-Spinner 3
Felicia Lo

Choosing an E-Spinner

There are many options for e-spinners available now that fit every style of spinning and budget. Compare e-spinners to choose the best one for you.

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Janna Maria Vallee demonstrating weaving at the School of SweetGeorgia online tapestry course
Janna Maria Vallee

Tapestry Looms

In the second article of this Building Confidence in Tapestry series, we are talking about tapestry looms; what to look for, the pros and cons of the tapestry looms on the market today, as well as some great DIY options.

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Tapestry weavings by Janna Maria Vallee woven in Everlea Yarns for the School of SweetGeorgia
Janna Maria Vallee

What is Tapestry?

A series of tapestry weaving articles to accompany my video lessons so that I may offer more ways to support you in your tapestry journey. Within this series of articles, I hope to answer some of your questions about tapestry, contextualize some of my video lessons to offer different perspectives, and just talk more about how to be creative within the medium of tapestry.

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Schacht Baby Wolf Loom
Felicia Lo

How to Buy a Weaving Loom

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been asking many of you in this fibre arts community about what struggles and challenges you face. We

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