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For each new paid subscriber that you refer to our School, we can offer a 15% commission of their subscription fees. To sign up for the affiliate program, simply sign up for an account on SOS at and then go to to get your referral URL.

Use this URL every time you mention our School or workshops in your social media and blog posts. Each new subscriber that registers via your unique link will contribute to your commissions balance. We pay out commissions on a quarterly basis, within fifteen days of the close of each quarter.

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About the School of SweetGeorgia

The School of SweetGeorgia is our online membership-based fibre arts school where we are building courses and community. Our focus is sharing our passion for the yarn and textile arts while creating new dyers, weavers, spinners, and knitters. In the years since we began this project, we have built an online video-based school that includes more than twenty courses and workshops with a team of excellent, knowledgeable, and practising artisans and instructors.

The School of SweetGeorgia is focused on creating educational content for the fibre arts specialty. The fibre arts includes more than knitting and crochet — it includes everything from the preparation of fibres for transformation into textiles as well as the dyeing of yarn, fabric, or fibre, the spinning of yarn, and the application of that yarn in knitting, crochet, weaving, and tapestry. It also involves exploring colour theory, visual design, as well as other creative skills including ideation, reflection, planning, and record keeping.

School of SweetGeorgia craft areas

Our goal for the School is to demonstrate how these crafts are not independent silos, but are interconnected and a continuum of practices.

The School of SweetGeorgia takes the letters of SOS and links them together into a new symbol that represents connection and participating in a continuous, circuitous journey. SOS is an internationally recognized code signal used to call for help. It is an abbreviation of “save our souls” and here is used to evoke how colour, craft, and making things can provide balm for the soul and sanctuary for our creative spirits. SOS also implies how we are here to provide help along the journey.

Partner with us

We are actively growing our membership and community for the School and would love to partner with fibre enthusiasts, craft influencers, and yarn shop owners who share our mission of bringing people joy through colour and craft. There are a few opportunities we’d like to share:

Host a Study Group

If you already have an engaged group of customers at your local yarn or craft shop who would like to come together to work through an SOS course together, we encourage you to create a local study group. Each student should have their own All-Access subscription in order to participate fully in the Community features.

Teach your Expertise

If you would like to join the teaching team to share your unique knowledge and skills in the fibre arts, we would love to hear from you. Please submit a proposal via the form here

Suggest New Content

We are always looking for feedback and recommendations on courses and workshops to offer and instructors to feature. We welcome your suggestions about what we should build in the future as we continue to grow this School and Community into the best online learning platform for the fibre arts.
Please reach out to Felicia Lo with comments, suggestions, and feedback by email here.

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