Acid Dyeing

100 Points

Want to learn to dye wool and silk yarn and fibre? Start with acid dyes which are designed for protein fibres and learn how dyes are mixed, blended, and diluted to create the hues and depths of shade that you want in your yarn. After completing this achievement, you'll be able to create your own solid shade, tonal, handpainted, low-water immersion, and even self-striping yarns.

Become a Lace Knitter

Become a Lace Knitter

31 min | 16 lessons
  • In this course, Tabetha Hedrick brings you right to the basics of lace so that it’s not overwhelming. In fact lace is really approachable and when we’re done, you’re going to have a whole new world of light, beautiful fabrics to explore.
Beyond Wrap & Turn (W&T): Short Row Variations

Beyond Wrap & Turn (W&T): Short Row Variations

30 min | 5 lessons
  • Go beyond the wrap and turn and explore the incredible world of knitting short rows.
  • Learn tips and tricks on substituting short row styles in your projects, and when the W&T can be an ideal choice.
  • This course does assume that you’ve already learned to knit wrap and turn short rows.
Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving

Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving

1 hr 54min |  12 lessons
  • Learn how to choose or make a Blending Board.
  • Discover the types of tool to use.
  • Understand loading the fibres in the Blending Board, making rolags and batts, how to roll or dizz them off the board.
  • Learn how to go off board to make a carded cloud prep, to create texture batty bumps, and to flick open and store locks.
Cables 101

Cable 101

57 min | 17 lessons
  • Understand what a cable is, the tools you’ll need to achieve cable success, and how to read cable abbreviations and cable charts.
  • Learn how to knit 3, 4, and 5 stitch cables, how to knit without a cable needle, and how to fix cable mistakes.
Carding for Colour

Carding for Colour

53 min |  11 lessons
  • Understand the basic Colour Theory.
  • Explore different kinds of fibres and their properties.
  • Learn different tools you can use to card fibre.
  • Find out the different forms your fibre can take.
  • Discover how to use drum carders, blending boards, and drum carders.
Learn to weave Clasped Warp & Weft on Rigid Heddle Amanda Wood

Clasped Warp & Weft on Rigid Heddle

2 hr 37 min | 8 lessons
  • Introduce to new ways of working with a rigid heddle loom, a wonderful tool for weaving small projects like scarves and cowls.
  • Explore two-colour interlocking projects, to create two very different scarves.
Colour & Fibre Play

Colour & Fibre Play

2 hr 49 min |  11 lessons
  • Explore an overview of colour theory and different kinds of texture in fibre.
  • Learn how to prepare to spin your batts, rolags or dizzed fibre.
  • Understand scaling up your small batch fibre prep.
  • Discover inspiration pieces and more!
Colour & Fibre Play II

Colour & Fibre Play II

3 hr 42  min |  5 lesson
  • Learn review and lessons learned in Colour & Fibre Play I.
  • Discover the fibres that can be added for unique blends.
  • Learn how to sketch, doodle and sample to explore creativity.
  • Understand scaling up & scaling out.
Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle Loom amanda wood

Colour & Weave on Rigid Heddle Loom

2 hr 34 min | 6 lessons
  • Explore how to approach a new to you yarn. We will try different combinations, play with the sett and learn about how to respond to its particular character.
  • Learn to make a gamp, which is essentially like a handwoven sketchbook. A gamp is going to give us some information about pattern and colour, and how these things work together.
  • Take the information from our gamp and make a project that is entirely unique to ourselves.
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