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  Welcome to Dyeing Complex Colour

Welcome! In this course I’m excited to share with you new ways to add complexity, depth, and richness to your hand-dyed colourways using acid dyes and protein-based fibres like wool and silk. Building upon the skills and knowledge in our Dyeing Intentional Colour course, this course will explore:

  • Developing a deeper understanding of colours and colour theory, focusing specifically on what happens when colours are mixed and learning to create or avoid muddy hues
  • Creating glazed, layered, and tonal hand-dyed colour effects through immersion dyeing and the addition of delicate resists
  • Manipulating the variables of dyeing to produce non-repeating multi-coloured yarns with a low water immersion technique
  • Learning how to create handpainted yarns and spinning fibres for repeating colour sequences
  • Understanding and creating different self-striping colour sequences
  • Applying these dye techniques and methods to knitted sock blanks to produce even more hand-dyed effects on yarn
  • Finding ways to make the dyeing process more safe, efficient, and productive through equipment, studio setup, and preparation.

While any dyer can teach you the steps of learning to dye yarn, I am excited to share with you what I have learned over the past 10+ years of working with colour and yarn. Here in our School of SweetGeorgia, my goal is to build educational content around not just dye application techniques but also my personal perspective and philosophy around colour and working with colour in your knitting, spinning, weaving, and more.

Now, let’s go create some colour.